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We have a capacity in the region of 250 people when seated. 100 of these are on the tiered bleachers at the rear of the auditorium, we then can seat people on chairs or with trestle tables and chairs on the floor, plus we have seating for around 50 people in the balcony.

Stage Dimensions

All measurements are approximate: Proscenium Arch 7.5m wide 3.7m High Depth Full Stage 6.7m To House Tabs 1.7m from front To Black Travellers 5.6m from front The Lighting grid is at approximately the same height as the Proscenium Arch


We are indebted to our technical partners, Michael Townsend and Amanda Hill, Directors of Visual Elements Ltd., for their support in providing us with a starcloth and an impressive array of LED lighting with desk. Should you require further enhancements, they may be able to assist. In the first instance, email mike@vel.uk.com


We are planning to install a new sound system but, as yet, this has not taken place, so for the immediate future it will be necessary for hirers to bring in their own sound system with operators, or to speak with our technical partners, Visual Elements UK, to see if they can assist. In the first instance, email mike@vel.uk.com


These are only to be used by the Theatre staff or other fully-trained persons (certification will be requested). Pyrotechnics will be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and rules set by ABTT and the licensing authority. If the technicians or Facility Manager feel there is a danger to visiting cast, crew, audience, theatre staff or equipment, the use of pyrotechnics will be forbidden.

Dressing Rooms

We have two large communal dressing rooms situated immediately behind the stage area.


You will be required to indemnify the Rye Theatre and the Aquinas Trust, as owners of the Theatre, against all liabilities and costs which may arise as a result of any allegation or act of negligence made against you arising as a result of the hiring. This indemnity must be supported by a public liability insurance policy in the sum of £10 million pounds underwritten by an approved insurer and issued in the name of the hirer. Evidence of such insurance must be provided to the Facility Manager at least 28 days in advance of the commencement of the hire period. Failure to provide evidence of insurance may result in the cancellation of the event. Note: It is for hirers to ensure that their property is adequately insured against all reasonable risks to which they consider it may be exposed.

Other Conditions

Merchandise: The hirer cannot, without prior authorisation from the Facility Manager, sell goods of any description, ie CDs, tapes, memorabilia, raffles, etc. A standard charge will be levied to the hirer for sales. Except with prior approval of the Facility Manager the hirer shall not : • Make any recording inside Medina Theatre • Transmit or broadcast from Medina Theatre • Sub-let or assign any booking or booked areas within Medina Theatre • Allow the use of photography within the auditorium Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Theatre or dressing rooms. Children: In all cases where any of the cast are children, the hirer must ensure that adequate numbers of suitably licensed adults are present to maintain efficient supervision, order and safety. The hirer must comply with any requirements or directions of the Facility Manager who shall be at liberty to suspend or control the hire to any extent in any way he or she may deem necessary. This shall be without rendering the Rye Theatre liable to damages or otherwise in respect of such suspension or actions. The hirer shall not remove any of the fixed furniture from the Theatre or drive any nail, screw or other fixing or fastening into any wall, floor or furniture. The hirer shall also not install, alter, remove, add or otherwise interfere with any fittings or appliances in the Theatre without the prior approval of the Facility Manager. All members and officers duly authorised by the Rye Theatre and/or Rye College shall have right of entry at all times to all parts of the theatre. The Theatre must be informed of the name of the person in charge of the event on the day, so that the site team staff can liaise with him or her in the event of any problem. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all rubbish is cleared away. Normal daily cleaning of the premises is included within the hire charge. If additional cleaning is required after the event, the Facility Manager retains the right to charge the extra cleaning to the hirer at cost. The period of hire that the hirer is responsible for is from the time when the first piece of equipment is installed until the removal of the last piece or the exit of the hirer’s members of staff. The hirer must report to the site team on completion of the hire. All equipment, props, etc. must be removed from the premises at the end of the hire unless prior arrangement is made with the facility manager.